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Dwelling in a New World: Revealing a Life-Altering Technology

by Robert Gold (author)

Seeing a book titled, Dwelling in a New World, for the first time, might elicit a reaction peppered with doubt or forebodings of futility. This is one of those times when it would be wise to set such thoughts and feelings aside. There are times when something so simple and obvious must not be disregarded.

This book isn’t about a different way to think. It isn’t about new psychological, philosophical or spiritual concepts. It simply announces a new structure, a new technological space, and a drastic shift in how humanity relates to organizations, others and themselves.

An invention is revealed that will shift three very old discourses – accounting, communication and technology – in order to open up a new world to dwell in. The new world is comfortable, with a simple structure, and free from processes. It is a world that supports what is important to you, your family, your work and the world.

There is nothing fictional about powerful paradigm shifts. The most powerful are the ones that persist, drawing constant complaints because they are more ancient, more immovable and real. We expend an exorbitant amount of time, energy and money in dealing with our inheritance.

The paradigms: Long before Aristotle, communication involved a speaker, message and listener.  Even before leaving the caves, technology consisted of using tools. The way we structured and accounted for important areas remained process laden, linear and transaction dependent.

This “reality” impacts our existence both at work and home. It is televised, spoken and written about. We read about, listen to and watch the state of the world in our countries, cities and neighborhoods – politics, economy, crime, war, and famine every day.

What might it be like to live and work in a new world, where the rare occasions on which we experience simple, acute awareness, visibility and connectedness become commonplace?

As an inventor in a world flummoxed by exciting fads and cool gadgets, I wonder, will this new environment appear too good to be possible?

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