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Ray Ryan

I have heard my friend recommending this book "Ray Ryan" by Aiden Riley, so I figured I would give it a try. I must say, I am glad that I did. The book is a real page-turner. Ray Ryan is a compelling read that engages readers from the start of the book all the way to the finish line, it is an entertaining and emotion evoking narrative that I would recommend as a great satisfying read. I really enjoyed this book. The story focuses on a young boy in England, Ray Ryan, who aspires to be a writer. Life being the way it is, throws him some obstacles in his path as he leaves childhood and becomes an adult.

Ray Ryan is a normal boy growing up in Nottingham, dreaming of becoming a writer, but one day his best friend makes some dangerous enemies and things begin to change. The road to happiness is a rough one, and it becomes even harder to traverse when the people you care about have lost their way. Tense and surprising, Ray Ryan tells the story of the joys and tragedies that beset one young man as he finds himself hurled violently into adulthood: a tale of loss, love and looking ahead.

This is Aiden Riley's debut book. I was astonished by the passionate trip he takes us through. The novel was a well written and engaging story, complete with good dynamic characters and strong dialogue. Overall, "Ray Ryan" showcases the great potentials and amazing talent of Aiden Riley, a debut author today, and become a great, prolific author in the future. I am very excited and looking forward to Riley’s next book and watching him progress as a writer.