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10 Stacks to Success

In ‘10 Stacks To Success: How to Achieve Success One Goal at a Time’, Jay Isip is blunt, harsh and raw in his pursuit to expose the cold hard truth about why millions fall short of their dreams. While this former champion martial artist now wins every fight he faces in the world of business, previous failures drove Isip to the very bottom of life’s pits. Now back at the top of his game and with a very real understanding of the importance of pursuing success one goal at a time, Isip is unleashing the blueprint that has afforded many financial freedom and the life they deserve. While many success ‘gurus’ attempt to empower their audiences subtly, Jay Isip sees millions of people will dormant dreams as proof that it’s not working. Isip himself has an amazing wealth of inspiration to share, and he does so with a brash honesty that bucks trends with gusto. 
Isip’s life has come full circle – from his days as a martial artist winning against some of modern history’s best fighters through to debt, depression, the contemplation of suicide and his miraculous crawl back to the top as a multi-talented business leader. Isip knows that millions of others deserve a better life of financial/lifestyle freedom and, in his new book, he shares the wisdom necessary to release anyone’s hidden hero.

Synopsis of ‘10 Stacks To Success: How to Achieve Success One Goal at a Time’:
Throughout his life, Jerome Isip has learned one thing: success isn’t merely a goal, but a lifestyle. Thus, he has discovered that the only way to make dreams become a reality is to actually strive for them. This book is not designed to be considerate of one’s feelings. Nor does it sugarcoat life’s troubles. Instead, it simply states what most people don’t have the marbles to: The cold hard truth. 
His delivery may be blunt. At times, even harsh. Or, humorously injected with a healthy dose of New Jersey slang. However, Jerome Isip’s straightforward approach has inspired, motivated, and changed the lives of many – including himself. If you have been “stuck in neutral” and searching for a new way, a new voice to help you unlock the lofty dreams that have been trapped inside for all too long, this book will provide the stepping stones you need to begin the journey once again. 
The lessons in this guide include: Learning how to properly set goals and knock them down one by one, Converting those ever-longing dreams into reality, Overcoming fears that hold you back from moving forward in life, Understanding the true meaning and purpose of your life and Developing a positive and productive mindset 

It’s time to live your life the way you have always wanted to. With this simple step-by-step guide, you will find the inspiration you need to embark on an adventure you never believed possible.
“There’s no way to sugarcoat it; most people get distracted from their dreams and instead settle for second place,” explains Isip. “The so-called American Dream is a perfect example of this – people are told to break through molds and achieve the unconventional, but only if they can maintain the status-quo while doing so. It’s a cruel constraint but, by finding the inner hero that has been there all along, you can unlock and embrace the lifestyle you deserve.”

Continuing, “You have a right to your dreams and a right to be successful, but there is correct way to achieve it. That’s the culture of my book; to show you the shifts in character and lifestyle that will allow you to easily achieve goals in turn and eventually shower in the success you crave. The light you need is already staring you in the face, and I’ll show you how to keep it switched on for the rest of your life.”

Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews. Grady Harp comments, “Jerome - or rather Jay - Isip is one extraordinary being. He lives is a completely buff, fully tattooed well kept body and combines the roles of entrepreneur, Pro Mixed Martial Arts fighter, author, Investor, life enthusiast etc all because he chose to create his own dreams. He challenges us in a very positive but stern manner, inserts enough bawdy humor to keeps us turning the pages, and in the end makes us realize that Jay Isip really cares that we become what our potential suggests.”

Casey Demchak adds, “Finally. A "Self-help" book that cuts through the fluff and tells it like it is. It's blunt and rough around the edges, but it tells you what you need to hear without pulling any punches. If you're a guy who has stayed away from inspirational books because they're too flowery--this is the book for you.”

‘10 Stacks To Success: How to Achieve Success One Goal at a Time’ is now available at

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About the Author: 
A native of Belleville, NJ, and Filipino by birth, Jay Isip was a professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter for 12 years, teaches a barbering class and operates a men’s salon, owns a fitness facility, investment relations firm, and is an app developer. The last goal he achieved as a measure of success was to write a book, 10 Stacks To Success, which was released in November 2014.

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