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Gone Home : Second Book in the Alien Encounters Series Is Now Available On Kindle

Gone Home : Second Book in the Alien Encounters Series Is Now Available On Kindle

Science Fiction Fantasy For Women of All Ages

The story of Peggy of Sylax continues in this fantastical tale of science fiction and extraterrestrial
contact. With the second book of the series entitled Gone Home, author Kim Welsman focuses
almost entirely on Peggy's journey back to her home planet. Those who found the alien
character so intriguing in the first installment of the series will relish the back story examined
here from her own point of view in what is a remarkably engaging read. After Peggy arrives,
the reader gets to meet her mother and brother, as well as see the cyan rings of Sylax for the
very first time.

Kim Welsman is an accomplished writer of multiple novels in the science fiction and fantasy
genres. Her works frequently feature strong female protagonists, which have historically been
lacking within these genres. With Alien Encounters, she has developed an unforgettable set of
characters. Science fiction fans will find much to enjoy from the complex plots involving the
planet Sylax and its involvement in the political as well as social affairs of Earth. While much of
the attention in Gone Home is given to Peggy re‐uniting with others from her home world, there
is also a clear indication that the series' direction is to lead our alien hero back to Earth.

With Gone Home, the Alien Encounters series evolves into a much more textured, nuanced story
of fantastical relationships between alien beings who reside in cityscapes far removed from our
own reality of everyday life. While the first novel was grounded on Earth, with the noirish scifi
drama unfolding between Peggy and her pursuer Lyrissa, the second novel has no such
geographical limitations. Instead, the author has painstakingly created an imaginative, complex
alien world for the reader to lose herself in while enjoying the continuing story of the
protagonist. As with all good science fiction, there is enough conflict and mayhem along the
way to make this a genuinely engaging read.

While this novel is a quick read, perfect for vacations or anytime you wish to digest a thoroughly
enjoyable science fiction story in short order, the breadth of the series is one of the more
impressive characteristics. The second novel only adds to the story and fills in several of the key
pieces of the puzzle created by the first book. So for readers who enjoyed the first novel or
those who are just looking for something different than the bulk of science fiction that is
published today, consider ordering this second book in the Alien Encounters series for your
Kindle device.

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