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Financial Coach Tags Home ownership as the Biggest Scam in America

Owning your own house is traditionally viewed as one of the milestones that a family should strive to achieve. Paying off mortgage instead of renting is deemed as “worth it” because then, the payments are “investments,” as owning a house gives your family long-term security that you would always have a roof over your head. Home buyers also think that the appreciating value of homes will get them a nice return on their investment if they decide to sell it in the future, even against severe changes in the economy.
But what if all of this isn’t true? What if all these are nothing more than marketing ploys of home sellers? What if all these are outdated misconceptions that put families in deeper financial holes, instead of carrying them up and out of these holes?
Tom Graneau, a financial management coach, discusses this controversial topic in-depth in “Renters Win, Home owners Lose: Revealing the Biggest Scam in America.” In this book, he makes the following points:
·         The best that a home owner can get from owning a house is ZERO PERCENT RETURN.
·         It is more common for home owners to LOSE MONEY on a deal, as they pour their income in to mortgage and maintenance.
·         Home ownership, as the author has tagged, is the BIGGEST SCAM in America, designed to keep buyers broke.
·         In mortgages, the buyers remain POOR while the lenders just keep getting richer.
·         Home buyers are in much WORSE FINANCIAL POSITION than renters.
And these aren’t just theories based on hunches and estimates. These represent the cold, hard truth of home ownership, backed up by data and statistics and outlined through sound financial concepts.
In “Renters Win, Home owners Lose,” renting and buying a home are compared with each other, with renters undoubtedly coming out as winners over buyers. Renters are shown to have clear and tangible financial advantages over buyers.
Is it too late for you to choose renting over buying? Are you already stuck in a mortgage, slowly but surely feeling the depth of the hole that buying a home plunged you into? Don’t worry as the book also provides strategies and solutions that can help you deal with home ownership better.
If you are serious about your desire to take control of your financial situation, this is the book you need to help re-align your thinking about home ownership expectation – the biggest and most costly purchase of your life.
Renters Win, Home owners Lose” by Tom Graneau is currently available in paperback, with an Amazon Kindle version currently on its way. Click on the link to preview the book and purchase your own copy.
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