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SMART MASTURBATION FOR MEN is a very Informative and Groundbreaking Book!

David Williamson's `Smart Masturbation for Men' is definitely one of those rare books that make you do a double-turn and check if your eyes were fooling you. Yes, it's about male masturbation, and as it turns out, there are smart, more pleasurable ways of doing it. Williamson had me at "last longer, have great sex!"

It's hard to talk about `Smart Masturbation for Men' without snickering--male masturbation is not exactly one of those highly revered topics on human sexuality. But make no mistake about it, this is a book that can deeply enhance the way men derive pleasure on their own. Interestingly, there is actually an ancient Tantric genital massage technique called "lingam massage", and I believe Williamson's techniques at least share with "lingam" some of the innovative self-pleasure principles he describes here.

And most importantly, all the techniques Williamson describes in this book are safe and deeply pleasurable--no need for kinky stuff that might put your health or life in jeopardy. Just sheer enhanced pleasure.

Overall, `Smart Masturbation for Men' is a highly recommended book that can make your sex life (yes, that kind of sex with another person) better and more fulfilling. It helps you get in touch with your playful, uninhibited side and allows you to reach heights of pleasure you never thought possible. Note that this book works for both men and women. For men, the wealth of actionable information is amazing--they can "jerk off like a pro", and even learn the "work out sessions" that will make your brain "coordinate" with your penis in new, previously unimagined awesome ways.

For women, this is an incredibly exciting reference that enables you to be more awesome in bed--you'll know different techniques in pleasuring the husband or the boyfriend. What's more, this would be an amazing (if naughty) gift idea--order a copy of this book today and send it to a friend who might need some improvement in "that" department. Read the sample chapters and prepare your mind (and sex life) to be blown away. Highly recommended!

As of today, there has been 1,000 downloads in 3 out of 5 free days.