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The Amsterdam Confessions of a Shallow Man

Amsterdam through the eyes of ‘A Shallow Man’
Expat Simon Woolcot writes about life in the Dutch capital

After his best girlfriend let’s him know he is way too superficial, Simon Woolcot starts a journal to prove her wrong: the beginning of The Amsterdam Confessions of a Shallow Man. In seven chapters, or Simon’s deadly sins, the author takes you along Amsterdam’s hotspots, wining & dining, exclusive fashion, his love for the opposite sex and off course the for us so obvious Dutch culture; all in a humorous manner.

The hilarious anecdotes in the book provide a unique insight of Amsterdam and the Dutch in general, through the eyes of expat and professional cynic Simon Woolcot, better known as the Shallow Man.

“If you wish to impress the Dutch male, drop a 5 Euro note just behind where he’s sitting, then ask, “Is that yours?” He will be so overjoyed with happiness for the rest of the evening that he’ll be like Hagelslag in your hands. He might even settle the bill, however I’d suggest dropping a 10 Euro note to really make him ecstatic.”

Learn the answers to such critical questions as why do so many Dutch people wear denim? And what’s up with the brown shoes? Why are Dutch women so loud? And how do you handle rude Amsterdam taxi drivers? Simon’s answers evoke recognition, amusement and especially a big smile.

The Amsterdam Confessions of a Shallow Man is a must read for everybody in the Netherlands and definitely for people living in Amsterdam. The perfect December gift!

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