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First-ever Baligham village health fair


The tales of poverty will break your heart. The selfless actions which it inspires will restore your soul.

Humanitarian needs will always spark a passion in us to give and to love underserved people.  Those needs are the call to action for the wealth of people who contribute to worthy causes through a multitude of resources.  The THE FIRST-EVER BALIGHAM VILLAGE MOBILE HEALTH FAIR book is a story of mothers and their babies, families and the myriad of health concerns facing this underserved remote village in  Cameroon. It transcends boundaries , North Toledo, in the U.S.A., a diversified group of passionate student volunteers from Canada, the U.S., Ireland, Germany and the Czech Republic. The first-ever Baligham village health fair is as Laura Marano said, and I agree, “Every single person has the power to change the world and help people.” impact the lives of others. Students travel abroad to enrich their global experience, contribute to development issues and find the experience rewarding in a way that they never imagined.

Combining colorful illustration, rich culture and an unforgettable story, author Margaret Galabe
has done a magnificent job documenting the step-by-step process and procedures it takes to make a project this size come together with calm precision and exceptional results.  Sponsored by the Student International Development Engagement, a program in which international students deepen their understanding of the issues facing poor villages in Cameroon. The most valuable chapter in the book isn’t about the planning or execution (although they are certainly program priorities) but about the lessons learned.  Every successful program must continue to evolve in order to sustain longevity despite the ever changing needs of the project. The book inspires and encourages others to take part in the important work being done via the Baligham Village Project. It truly does take a village to make this mobile health fair happen. Without the many generous and hard-working volunteers, neither the resulting success nor the Health Fair would have been possible.  Volunteers have been and will continue to be the heart of this very worthwhile event...

THE FIRST-EVER BALIGHAM MOBILE HEATH FAIR is a book that will draw readers from all walks of life to the common thread of the entire project—we just have to love enough, care enough and volunteer enough to help save lives…and in the process save our own souls.  Get your copy today and discover the wonder of humanitarian work at its best!