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Interview - April J. Ford - "You Are Not Alone"

April J. Ford. She is a Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist. 

Q) When people purchase a copy from Amazon of "You Are Not Alone - How To Rise Above Life's Challenges", how does this help the widows and abused?
A) Joy's GIFT will receive 35% of the book proceeds from You Are Not Alone. You can also go to the website for Joy's GIFT to support them directly with donations.

Q)  What does the title and cover represent with "You Are Not Alone - How To Rise Above Life's Challenges"?
A) None of us are ever alone even when we feel alone when adversity hits us. We tune in to our inner-self discovery and also know that their are others who can guide and help us. We discover a path during adversity in finding who we are inside by the way we handle the challenges we face. It is how we transition and transform into who we are truly meant to be.

Q) Is "You Are Not Alone" also for men?
A) You Are Not Alone is written from a women's perspective and speaking to other women but I encourage men to also read it. Men know other women who may also being going through these challenges women face with all their roles and responsibilities as a mom, spouse, career woman, entrepreneur, community leader-volunteer, etc..What are

Q) What are some of the topics readers can expect from "You Are Not Alone"?
A) The risk of overcompensating with all of the roles and responsibilities women face, health and wellness, spirituality, parenting, love, relationships, and defining your happiness and success.

Q) What are the 4 R's mentioned in "You Are Not Alone"?
A) The 4 R's is a process of how I found my way through adversity, it stands for Recognize, Respond, Re-evaluate, and Rebalance. We first have to Recognize the Rubble of our challenge. Then we must Respond with a Recovery Plan. Third Re-evaluate what we're rebuilding because we all know all plans have hiccups along the way. The forth is Rebalance the relationships in our lives that bring meaning and value to our lives and vice versa.

Q) Any comments about the controversial section in "You Are Not Alone" about wellness and spirituality? Some say these methods are non-traditional.
A) Well, it's ok if you don't understand some of the methods because at one point in time some were even foreign to me too. Nothing is new under the sun, some of these methods date back to Biblical days and eastern cultures. But I tell you this, with what I know now with holistic/alternative wellness practices, I would say my late husband would probably have had a better chance of surviving if we knew better.

Q) "You Are Not Alone - How To Rise Above Life's Challenges" has gotten some credible endorsements, can you share a couple names?
A) Don Green, the Founder of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, Berny Dohrmann, Chairman and Founder of CEO Space International, Wendy Darling who has been featured on Forbes for her Healing Harmonics system.

Q) How do I get the other giveaways from April J. Ford and find out more about her work?
A) I love hearing how others are discovering gold in challenges, subscribe at so I can get to know you better and also bring value on how to support you.

Q) What's next for April J. Ford?
A) I'll be embarking on my speaking tour with my topic of "The Alchemy of Adversity - How To Find the Gold In Life's Challenges"; all my efforts still benefiting Joy's G.I.F.T. and in alignment with my recent publication "You Are Not Alone"